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Do you dread the divorce legal system? You’re not alone. Most people do.

We help people who want to know where to start.

The uncertainty of what the divorce legal system in DuPage County Illinois has in store for us is overwhelming. Adding to the pain of the divorce itself, we are required to enter a legal system that legend tells us is complicated, frustrating, unreasonably lengthy, and significantly overpriced. The solution to this problem happens to be the focus and priority of our divorce law firm.We want to keep your case simple, out of court, affordable, and we have the knowhow, the tools, and the motivation to do it.Our job is to make sure the legal system doesn’t add to your problems or make your divorce more complicated than it has to be.Aside from our 60 plus years of combined divorce trial experience in Cook, DuPage, and Will counties, IL, we, Richard Kulerski and Kari Cornelison, are staunch advocates for the non-court, or settlement approach to divorce. We believe that going to trial in divorce should be your last resort and that fighting and nastiness should not be the routinely accepted norm. We want to help you avoid the typical hassle that most divorcing couples endure.We are trained, experienced, and certified divorce mediators, certified collaborative law practitioners, and we proudly stand in the forefront of the Cooperative Divorce Law movement in Illinois.

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about getting divorced. We do things differently.


We are grateful to have the opportunity to explain them to you.






  • We are a divorce law firm that gets it.
  • We recognize that divorce often takes too long and costs too much, and we are doing something about it. We focus on keeping our clients’ divorces simple, affordable, and out of court.
  • We stand in the forefront of the settlement approach to divorce, and we encourage our colleagues to join us. This is what we value, it is who we are, and it is where we remain headed.

We make quick settlements a priority.


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  • Dealing with the Soon-to-Be Ex: You Can’t Win an Argument by Arguing

    While most divorcing spouses do not fundamentally desire the additional pain and expense of a court battle, many wind up in a divorce war without ever understanding what triggered it. There are always the obvious reasons, e.g., one or both spouses is greedy, angry, emotionally handicapped … [Read more…]

  • What Do Divorce Lawyers Do In Their Own Divorces?

    They try to stay out of court. Despite their familiarity with the system, and despite any perceived advantage they are believed to have, they do everything they can to settle their case before it reaches the court system. Divorce insiders try to resist the inclination to fight. They think going … [Read more…]

  • What Most People Don’t Know About Divorce Mediation

    Despite divorce mediation’s well-deserved reputation as a sensible alternative to fighting it out in court, we find that few people know very much about it. Divorce mediation is not all that the public seems to think it is. This post aims to clear up some of the common misunderstandings associated … [Read more…]

  • Nine Nasty Things that Divorcing Spouses Say to One Another

    Divorce lawyers hear it all. We hear tragic stories, engaging stories, and just about every other type of story. We also learn of the dime-a-dozen, intimidating remarks that the other spouse says to our clients. These timeless and overused comments are universal and are repeated daily in law … [Read more…]

  • How to Sell Your Spouse on a Divorce Settlement

    The best way to divorce is to do it quickly, and as painlessly and inexpensively as possible. To accomplish this, the divorcing parties must be able to settle their differences out of court. This involves persuasion — both spouses must do what they can to sell the other on a settlement that both find … [Read more…]

  • Four Tips to Help You Settle Your Divorce Out of Court

    Divorcing couples will invariably speak with one another about who should get what in the divorce. These conversations are a normal part of the dissolution process, and provide the parties with an opportunity to vent and to plead their cases. Because the spouses are hopeful of selling the other … [Read more…]

  • The Biggest Obstacle to an Early Divorce Settlement

    The biggest obstacle to an early divorce settlement is when one spouse wants a divorce and the other spouse doesn’t. This circumstance is not uncommon at the start of most divorce cases. Divorce is difficult enough when both parties agree that it’s time, but having the parties at odds about … [Read more…]

  • Hold onto Your Hat: Introducing the New Way to Divorce

    I have practiced divorce law for 48 years. I’ve worked with and against just about every type of divorcing spouse imaginable: unreasonable, practical, obstinate, angry, vengeful, combative, miserly, and emotionally challenged, to name but a few. You cannot swim in the waters that I have for almost … [Read more…]

  • Sane Divorce is about Salesmanship, not War

    Most people do not want their divorce to be nasty. Why would they? No one aspires to spend money on lawyers or put themselves through the legendary rigmarole of the court system. The best way to prevent the divorce legal system from adding another layer of complexity to your divorce … [Read more…]


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  • DuPage Divorce: What to Say to a Cheating Spouse.

    What should you do if you learn that your spouse is having an affair? If you hope to save the marriage, you should not react the way most of us would by saying whatever comes to mind. This is counterproductive and can easily drive the unfaithful spouse further away. The typical behavior that most innocent spouses are inclined to exhibit, and which should be avoided, includes: trying [Read more…]

  • DuPage and Cook County Divorce and Marital Infidelity: Telltale Signs of a Cheating Spouse

    As divorce lawyers in DuPage and Cook Counties, we have access to experts who are willing to share their wealth of knowledge. One such professional is Dr. Robert Huizenga, CSW, LMFT, a Muskegon, MI Marriage and Family Therapist and Psychotherapist who specializes in the area of marital infidelity. What are some of the signs that your partner might be cheating? Dr. Bob’s web site contains an interesting [Read more…]

  • DuPage County Divorce: Making Joint Custody Work

    Establishing a stable environment for children who are already suffering from the painful loss of a strained parental relationship should be one of the key goals parents seek once they realize a divorce is imminent in DuPage County. The rewards of joint custody go hand in hand with the benefits of friendly divorce tactics that allow families to get on with their lives as quickly and smoothly as possible. “In joint [Read more…]

  • DuPage County Divorce: 12 Tips to Help Children of Divorce

    It is important to do whatever it takes to shelter children from the conflict of divorce.  Put aside resentments to make room for cooperation and focus on a brighter future, according to Charlie and Barb Asher, creators of the website www.uptoparents.org. Charlie, a former trial lawyer and his wife, Barb a former social worker and counselor, have turned the insights of their past careers into a [Read more…]

  • Chicago Divorce: Your Divorce Should Not Cost More than Your Wedding

    Do you know of anyone that has gone to trial in their divorce and has nice things to say about their experience? Most people who fight it out in court wish they hadn’t. Many depict the divorce legal system as a process that: is impersonal, does not listen to what is really important, allows for too many delays, does not try to understand and validate their needs, is disinterested in their spouse’s [Read more…]

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